Agrintesa for consumers

Agrintesa for consumers and its workers

AGRINTESA, and the Cooperatives that have contributed to its birth before, has undertaken a ten-year project of implementation of a Quality-Environment System aimed at guaranteeing to consumers the healthiness, hygiene, safety and legality of their products through production processes respectful of the environment and the community.

Agrintesa is the first Emilia-Romagna fruit and vegetables organization to obtain the SA 8000 certification for social responsibility, an international standard that guarantees respect for workers' rights, protection against the exploitation of minors, safety and healthiness in the workplace.

We have the following quality and process certifications:

ISO 9001-2015:

ISO 14000-2015:

n°50 100 3611

- Quality Policy

CERTIFICATO BRCGS (British Retailer Consortium Global Standard) e IFS Food;

Bagnacavallo           - Faenza                  - Castelbolognese      
- Gambettola             - Castelfranco         

ISO 22000_05:

 - Fruit and vegetables sector



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