In its winery, Agrintesa relies on the contribution of over 2,000 members who cultivate the vine mainly in the provinces of Ravenna, Bologna, Forlì and Rimini.

The production of wine grapes is annually attested, on average, to over 1,600,000 quintals. The most representative grape varieties are: Trebbiano Romagnolo (74% of the area), Sangiovese (13%), Merlot, Albana, Chardonnay, Ciliegiolo, Pinot.

The cooperative has 7 wine-making cellars and numerous grape harvesting centers with a total finished product storage capacity of over 1,700,000 hl. of wine.

To get the best from our grapes we are equipped with the most modern processing technologies (pneumatic presses, refrigeration plants, tangential filters etc ..) and we have invested in the modernization of our processing sites. The product is mainly destined to the second-level Consortium CAVIRO (brands Tavernello, Botte Buona, Castellino) to which Agrintesa adheres and partly sold in bulk in Italy and abroad (mainly Germany).

Finally, part of the product is destined for small-scale wholesale and bottling for the HO.RE.CA sector or sold in the company sales points.

Agrintesa has also been collaborating with other wine-producing companies of international relevance for several years and in 2015 it became part of the company Contri Spumanti spa with headquarters in Cazzano di Tramigna (VR), one of the most significant companies in the national and international wine scene.

The use of technology and the search for innovation have not made us lose sight of tradition and therefore we have dedicated our winery in Modigliana (FC) to the production of our high-end wines, produced with grapes from the hills subjected to strict production procedural guidelines and carefully selected.

These wines, followed by our expert winemakers, matured in French oak barriques from which they draw all their peculiarities and range of perfumes, give life to the Calanchi wine line a name that evokes images typical of our hilly territory.

In addition, at Modigliana's cellar, our Provit sparkling wines are produced with the traditional Charmat, Brut and Dolce method. But the enhancement of our grapes does not stop here and in fact, to meet the different taste needs of our customers and to offer the right wine for every occasion two other product lines have been developed:

Cantine Intesa, DOC and IGT wines that reflect the production area with an excellent quality-price ratio.

Poderi delle Rose, rich and unmistakable vintage wines, for those who wish something special every day.

To touch our reality and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of our barrique, our commercial office is available to organize guided tours and tastings.

For more information on our wholesale and retail production, please contact our offices:

Cantine Intesa Direction - Andrea Emiliani - tel. 0546 619111

Commercial office for bottled and small wholesale wines

Claudio Pezzi  tel. 0546 619111 fax 0546 621778




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