Technologies and Certifications

Traceability, Technology and Development

All our products are constantly followed in their journey from the 'land to the table' through modern computerized tracking systems that allow us to identify every single production batch in the countryside and monitor the subsequent steps, through our plants, up to the final customer.

Short supply chain and management efficiency are the imperatives that Agrintesa has taken on the organizational front to obtain, on the one hand, significant cost savings thanks to the achievable economies and, on the other, high specialization of the services offered. To do this it is necessary a continuous process of investment in innovation, with constant adaptation of the structures to keep them pace with the market, and this is made possible by the solidity of the company's assets.

Also in terms of innovation, the greatest attention is given to the corporate function Research & Development. This is both in the area of Information Technology and in the development of new varieties, on which the company invests constantly as evidenced by the participation in the most important projects currently underway on an international scale.

Big numbers that perfectly match with the care that Agrintesa has towards consumers, with a professionalism aimed at achieving higher quality standards, which represent a source of pride but, at the same time, a goal to be overcome constantly.

The innovative path of the cooperative starts from the land that many generations of farmers have worked and modelled and that today is scrupulously followed by the agronomists of Agrintesa Technical Office, an efficient department equipped with the latest technology.



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