For the customers

Thanks to its large numbers and its well-structured and efficient organization, Agrintesa is able to satisfy the most different needs of its customers.

Are you responsible for buying fruit and vegetables from a chain of shops? Look for organic fruit for your canteen or more simply are you looking for tomato to prepare the preserve to put in the pantry? We provide the right product for you, with the best quality-price ratio.

To the operators of the Italian and foreign GD who look for 365 days a year a wide range of quality and controlled fruit and vegetables, logistics efficiency, customized commercial services, offer segmentation, brand policy development and modern marketing policies we offer the expertise and assistance of our ALEGRA sales office. You will find prepared and available people who will provide the right answer to your supply requests or simply ready to illustrate our activity to evaluate together the possibility of new collaborations.

Contact us at no. + 39 0546 624401 or write to


Are you looking for a premium product? Good, healthy, Italian, the slogan created many years ago to promote products transformed under the Valfrutta brand now also features fresh fruit and vegetables from the 1st and 4th range. In addition to the rich product range, Valfrutta also offers its customers a wide range of sales assistance services including the creation of in-store initiatives, the fitting out of equipped corners, the distribution of customized promotional material for the various commercial channels, the constant assistance, in commercial and marketing terms, for the development of sales. Who chooses Valfrutta Fresco knows that behind this brand there is a whole supply chain made up of farmers, technicians, plants, technologies, controls and researches, and that its customers will bring home only the best of nature.

Valfrutta Fresco SpA + 39 0546 648601 e-mail


Are you traders in fruit and vegetables, street vendors or wholesalers? Our warehouse managers are at your disposal. Talk to them about the type of product you are looking for, contact them for a visit to our factories and see for yourself the quality of our products and the assortment.


Find their names and e-mails in the contact section or through our switchboard at no. + 39 0546 619111 e-mail


Are you interested in organic product supplies? Brio spa is the brand that suits you. For over twenty years Brio has taken care of organic products' marketing in Italy and abroad. A company that promotes products but also and above all values, the values of the organic producers who founded it and dedicate themselves to an healthier and more sustainable way of cultivating. In Brio you will find: the experience of a leading company in its market sector, transparency and security, customer dedication, loyalty and ethics.


For more information on our organic products and the wide range of products in our facilities in Gambettola (FC) and Zevio (VR) please contact us:

Brio Spa Fruit and Vegetable Division nr + 39 045 8951777  e-mail 



Customers of our sales points. For everyday shopping, for suggestions of preparation or consumption or for more specific needs (to book large quantities of product for your home transformations, for supplies to canteens or restaurants or to make you pack delicious gift boxes) ask confidently to staff of our stores (complete list in the "Points of Sale" section) or contact our logistic platform of Gambettola + 39 0547 636312 or 636313 e-mail


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