Our fruit and vegetables

The qualitative excellences of fruit and vegetables are firstly a merit of nature, the respect for the environment constitutes for Agrintesa an essential priority and the most important certifications obtained in these years represent its concrete example.

The specific climatic and territorial conditions of Romagna have allowed the development of crops with high levels of specialization. We have tried to exalt these conditions with an accurate technical, financial and planning assistance, achieving an important growth in the sector.

Agreements with producers in other Italian areas, such as ours, have enabled us to create important synergies and extend our productive schedule, so much so that, with the main products, we are present on the markets 365 days a year.

To better satisfy consumers and increase the quality of our products, we pay the utmost attention to research and development of new varieties giving precise production guidelines to our social base.

The products delivered to our factories are packaged according to the strictest standards required by EU regulations and by our customers. Our products are accredited and disseminated on the international market with the most famous brands and enhancement projects, synonymous with quality and tradition.

The "fruit" of our work arrives at consumers' tables every day and our goal is to get their appreciation. With this in mind, through our agronomists' work, we are committed to the utmost, respecting the environment, to always provide a product that is not only wholesome and healthy, but also appealing and inviting. We are accredited for the production and marketing of the most renowned regional fruit and vegetable products: peaches and nectarines from Romagna IGP, pears from Emilia-Romagna IGP, cherries from Vignola.





Organic product

The ever more attentive consumer interest in organic products and an increasing number of producers who choose production techniques that respect the environment, has grown the availability of organic products.

In collaboration with our partners and those of Coop La Primavera, historic Veronese company pioneer in the cultivation of organic fruit and vegetables in Italy, we offer products with authentic flavours, rich in nutritive principles, cultivated in complete respect of nature and health.

The techniques used are totally natural, compliant with Italian and international regulations (Reg CE 834/07 - DM 220/95), supplemented by a specific production manual that guarantees the entire supply chain with the certification required. The agricultural practices adopted contribute to the protection of biodiversity, to the improvement of soil fertility and to the conservation of water quality. Organic production protects the rural community and consumers.

Organic farmers with their work become "promoters" and "guarantors" of a philosophy of life whose origins are strongly rooted in the tradition and experience of the past.

To us, the environment respect also means conscious choices in the packaging of our products and therefore all the materials used are eco-compatible.

Choosing organic products is a simple key way available to the consumer to safeguard nature and health.

Agrintesa has entrusted the creation and marketing of its organic products to the Veronese BRIO spa, a firm in which it participates, leader in the field of fresh organic fruit and vegetables belonging to ALCE NERO spa, a company which shares its commitment to producing good foods, which they are good and respectful of the earth.



Why consume Peaches, Nectarines and PGI pears and organic products

Products with DOC, DOCG, IGP, IGP, STG, Organic trademark; what's behind the sticker and why shall we choose products so marked with confidence?

We show you those that we know well because they are produced by our farmers, in our territories.





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