Agronomic technical assistance

A team of forty experts constantly updated and always in line with the most innovative cultivation techniques, intervene directly in the field to assist the members in every single phase of work, establishing the planning of production in quantity and variety and production specifications.

The strength of the office is the specialists' presence per product and sector: phytoiatrics, vegetable nutrition, irrigation techniques, varietal choices, viticulture.


The services offered by the technical office

  • Definition of varietal guidelines;
  • Definition of implant systems;
  • Indication of the lines of fertilization, pruning, thinning, weeding and irrigation;
  • Choice of defense lines (integrated line and biological line);
  • Quality control and identification of the right period for harvesting the fruit;
  • Analysis of residues of plant protection products in pre- and post-harvest;
  • Research, innovation and experimentation in the varietal and technical-agronomic fields;
  • Definition and support for finalized production programs;
  • Updating and management of land registers;
  • Accounting of C.M.O. contributions

These are just some of the main activities of a technical team whose primary objective is to ensure high yields and of good quality for members and the health of operators, the healthiness of products and respect for the environment.

In this sense, the interventions of the technical staff have been really remarkable in these years, so as to reach excellent levels and always at the forefront.

Intervention tools and methodologies:

  • Activation of integrated production as one of the most appropriate and modern cultivation strategies with low environmental impact (95% of our production belongs to this line).
  • Identification of pilot companies for experimentation and development of innovations;
  • Meetings in the field of technical updating and specialised technical conferences;
  • Disclosure of technical and information notes both through the "Agrintesa Notizie" house organ and through the most qualified magazines in the sector.

The entire agricultural phase is therefore monitored in detail and only products that pass all controls can reach consumers all over the world.



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