Our structure

We participate in market leading companies and our organization allows us to make the most of the production of our members.

We participate in market leading companies and our organization allows us to make the most of the production of our members. To manage and better enhance the fruit and vegetables, the wine grapes and the oil conferred by its members, Agrintesa has equipped itself with efficient processing and packaging facilities, applies the most modern techniques of wine production and has created around if a vast network of commercial and consortium collaborations.

The wide range of fruit and vegetables is marketed through the Alegra business unit which represents the operational-commercial arm for Agrintesa. Alegra is a reference point for Italian fruit and vegetables and a privileged partner for modern Italian and European distribution (Alegra, Cogli and Gusta, Brio brands); over 50% of production is exported to 55 countries..

Agrintesa is also part of Valfrutta Fresco, and JINGOLD S.p.a. in order to always offer premium Italian fruit to its customers.
For Agrintesa it is fundamental to valorize the products originating in its production territories and for this reason we actively collaborate with the consortia that pursue this objective.
Our collaboration is therefore constant and continues with: Consortium of protection of Vignola's cherry Igp, Consortium 'Susina' and Vignola's typical fruit, Peach and Nectarine from Romagna IGP and Pear from 'Emilia Romagna IGP.

Agrintesa has been an accredited producer of the New Zealand Zespri  (Zespri Green and Gold brands).  

Agrintesa and Alegra, with the signing of an important association pact that also includes Coop La Primavera, a historic company in the biological sector, have entrusted Brio SpA, with the marketing of its members' biological production.

In 2015 Agrintesa was among the companies promoting Opera sca” – the first company in Italy specialized in the marketing of pears of its members.

In the same year an agreement was signed by virtue of which Alegra markets all the fruit and vegetable production of the OSAS cooperative in Castrovillari (peaches, nectarines, apricots, clementines and oranges). The important agreement allows our customers to have a wide range of products throughout the year, combining the experience and service of Alegra and the recognized quality of the production of Agrintesa and OSAS.

Agrintesa is also associated with Apo-Conerpo, the largest EU Producer Organization (OP) and also a member of Conserve Italia,the first fruit and vegetable processing group in Europe (Cirio, Valfrutta, Yoga, Derby, Jolly Colombani, Mon Jardin brands) to which it dedicates most of his production with industrial use and with which it has developed projects of cultivation of selected fruit to obtain the best results in the preparation of syrups and juices.

In the wine business, Agrintesa annually produces over 160,000 tons. of grapes.

The wines obtained are marketed on the foreign market (primarily Germany), on the domestic market, bottled on their own or transferred to Caviro, a second-level consortium, to which Agrintesa adheres, and a leading group at national level for the quantity of product marketed. The cooperative has also acquired a stake in Contri Spumanti SpA, a major winery and sparkling wines company which is important both in Italy and abroad.

Our logistics is integrated into the RLA company which manages and optimizes the entire freight traffic in Italy and abroad for ourselves.


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